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Mortals Edit

Mortals within

Race Characteristics Race Age
Human Typical human (Variety of traits though)

Remalstra (Aka Angels)Edit

The Remalstra (Meaning The Favored Ones) are the antithesis of the Trilun'estran, able to work together toward similar goals and typically hold values before their own actions.

Rank Characteristics Number of Members Domain of Abilities
Holy Demons Typically reptilian and bestial 117 Total Harsh and unrefined Light
Choir of Night Angels with
Choir of Day

Trilun'Estran (Aka Demons)Edit

The Trilun'Estran (Meaning Weavers of Plots, though Trilun, Estran and Demons are acceptable nicknames when mentioning the race as a whole) are the race of beings that live within the Realm of Gesgoran as a collection of realms that are ruled by the Nobility and their Higher God, the Infernus Ulindis.

Rank Characteristics Number of existing entities and their reach:
Spawn Spawn are usually characterized as being animalistic in appearance as well as lacking any kind of keen intelligence or cunning. Gender is nonexistent and unrecognized as holding any importance among their number. Likely an infinite or uncountable number. Are relegated to designated areas to inhabit by their Warlord or Archdemon.
Demon or Fiend Demons or Fiends are the second type of baseline Trilun'Estran. Most have low cunning and can form basic tactics
Archdemon or Warlord Archdemons or Warlords are the most cunning of the Pitborn
[End of the Pitborn]
Lower Nobility Lower Nobility are the first rank that
Higher Nobility
Lower Champion
Prince or Princess
Kings or Queens
Infernal Angel
Higher Champion The Higher Champions act as the Representatives and Honor Blades between
The Infernal Hall The Infernal Hall is the highest order of the Nobility
Infernus Ulindis The Infernus Ulindis is the supreme ruler of the Trilun'Estran race. The Infernus holds power making them one of the few Higher Gods, though the insolence and plots of the Nobility cause the Infernus to be at a disadvantage compared to the others that hold the title of Higher God. Only one exists at any given time and rules the entire Gesgoran

Elder Lords and Elder Kin Edit

Spirits and Elementals Edit

Spirits and Elementals are the various entities that inhabit the Mortal Realm as well as the Ageless Wilds which predates the Mortal Realm.

Immortals and Legends Edit

Immortals within the

Gods Edit

Gods are the conceptualized embodiment of aspects of reality both those natural and those created by mortals and immortals.

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